Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Easy 24-Hour Glazing

In the event that you need your windows repaired avoid Easy 24-Hour Glazing.

Here is an email I sent to them 5th November:

"Your website claims 24/7 coverage with a one hour response.

Here is the reality:

Monday 3rd Nov I called in the morning and made a booking for someone to come round in the afternoon to fix a jammed window.

No show

I called late afternoon, and was advised that the engineer was delayed and could not make it.

Why did no one call me to advise me of this?

The booking was rescheduled to Tuesday 4th at 9AM

No Show

I called and was advised that the van had broken down

Why did no one call me to advise me of this?

The booking was rescheduled to 9AM today 5th Nov

No show

I called, and was advised that the engineer had an accident yesterday.

Why did no one call me to advise me of this?

Your service and customer care are lousy, your website does not reflect reality.

We are heading for the worst recession in decades, yet you are happy to throw away business in this cavalier manner.

Suffice to say I have arranged with another company to deal with this

Monday, June 02, 2008

SSP "The Food Travel Experts"

On their website SSP claim the following:

"SSP is the leading dedicated operator of food and beverage brands in travel locations worldwide. We have a long heritage in food and travel, with over 60 years experience in the industry. All our operations feature a mix of food and beverage brands tailored specifically for each location."

If they are such "experts" why is that their outlet on platform 1 of East Croydon station has, for the last 7 weeks, been unable to provide its customers with gin and tonic?

The staff there say that it is "on order".

Does it really take 7 weeks to order gin and tonic?

Of course it doesn't!

I have filled in numerous complaint forms, alerting SSP to their failure, and have even emailed them.

To no avail!

SSP ignore their customers.

Congratulations SSP, you are Worse Than Worthless.

UPDATE 5 June 2008

SSP called me and apologised for the shambles at East Croydon. Seemingly head office were not aware of it.

I am advised that on investigation SSP are:

"unfortunately having a manufacturer issue with the Gin and Tonic which we are investigating and raised to the highest level. We are in the interim trying to move some stock from another unit so that East Croydon will have stock."

SSP have sent em a voucher for £5, and a discount card entitling me to 20% off any purchase I make at one of their outlets (eg Burger King, Upper Crust, Pumpkin etc) on any mainline railway station in the UK.


Thursday, January 03, 2008


Congratulations to Railtrack for proving to the world how completely worthless they really are.

"Thousands of commuters face the prospect of further disruption to rail travel stretching into next week, after Network Rail again failed to complete key engineering work.

The new year misery affecting Britain’s rail service left up to 200,000 people without their normal rail service yesterday, after overrunning repair work closed London’s second-busiest station and paralysed one of the UK’s busiest railway lines

Source The Times