Saturday, November 05, 2005

Croydon Worst Borough In London

Croydon is CrapIt's official, Croydon is the worst borough in London.

I seem to recall awarding Croydon Council the Worse Than Worthless award two years running.

Now it seems that others agree with me.

The Croydon Guardian note:

"Figures published this week show Croydon Council is the second-worst authority in England and the worst in London for collecting unpaid council tax.

A comparison analysis compiled by the public services union GMB shows Croydon is second in a league table of 351 English councils which have failed to collect a total of £589,538,530 for the 2004/05 financial year.

It is owed £9.2million and is beaten only by the city of Birmingham which has £11.8million uncollected. It also moved up from last year's second place to become the worst authority in London for collecting unpaid council tax

The council have brought the borough to the brink of bankruptcy, and have allowed the infrastructure and environment to continue to decay.

Council elections are coming next year, their remaining days in office are numbered.

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