Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Croydon Council 2004

Last year Croydon Council won the prestigious "Worse Than Worthless" award for increasing Council Tax by 27%, see Croydon 2003.

I am delighted to be able to tell you that they have won the award again, for a second year running!

This year they have made a real effort:

  • They intend to increase Council Tax by 7%

  • They are singularly failing to redress the creeping decay and neglect that is consuming central Croydon, see "Named and Shamed".

  • They have presided over a fall in the value of their own pension fund of over 28% during the year 2002/2003, compared to the local authority average of 19%. See the post of 9 March 2004 in "Named and Shamed" entitled 'What is Croydon Council Doing?'

  • In recognition of this outstanding achievement a special commemorative mug and T shirt have been commisioned. You can buy these at The Emporium.

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